Tuesday Toot: I’m Back Home

This must be the happiest toot I have ever done ever since I joined the mommy community.  From being in the hospital for five days, I can never be happier to be finally home with my family. I may probably still look like a giant prawn from all the allergies I still sport from neck to toe (I am really glad my face was spared), but I don’t mind — this will come off sooner or later, but my time with my family, especially my son who I missed so much will only come one time.

There were good things my hospitalization has done. I was checked by all three doctors and was told that I am not as sick as my outpatient doctor has declared me to be, that is something. Two,  I had hubby’s undivided attention. He carried me through.  I lost the use of my left hand due to the I.V. so he practically helped through everything.  We also were able to do movie marathon last Monday while waiting for the doctor who never came to visit because of some conference. Some things we have not done in a while.  I have to say it was fun. 🙂

Tuesday Toot: I’m Back Home

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