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I have been pretty much bedridden these past couple of days. Yep, it’s official. I am not taking the board anymore. It is just unwise for me to still push through when everything about me is not ready. I have ceased to attend my review classes for some time now. I practically am always on the bed. Even right now, I cannot even manage to get up to go to my workstation. I am blogging from my bed! I am so weak I have to have my hubby bring our son over my folks, because I am just too frazzled and dizzy to take care of him today.

I just got up to get myself a glass of water and took a peek outside. The electricity guys are doing their work as we’re having our electric facility separated from my folks. We used to only have a sub-meter. This is another blessing that we are able to do brought about by blogging. It cost us more than a couple of hundred of dollars to be able to do this. Last month we were able to pay off our annual home insurance premium. Counting the blessings, this is what I choose to do right now. I may not be in my tip top shape of health, but I will get better. And so will my son.

Lucrative Blogging
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