Reclaiming Our Family’s Health

It’s official. I am too sick to be taking the board that is why I’m putting it off for now. The cost of the review classes went right down the drain. In three weeks time I should be taking the board but with the way things are going, I know it’s not happening.I am focused on one thing and one thing only to reclaim our family’s health back.

zach044.jpgWe recently just got back to taking our reliable supplement and I am seriously considering detoxification. I am just glad that my son looks healthy and energetic despite his primary complex tests coming back positive.We will be going to the doctor this afternoon to have his plates checked and get the additional prescriptions from his Pediatrician.Here is the photo I took from my mobile when his x-ray was taken last Tuesday.He just stood there cooperating the whole time.My poor baby’s body is sick and my determination now is to get him well the soonest possible time. May the Lord’s hand just heal us all completely.

Reclaiming Our Family’s Health
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