An Update on My Stolen Article

I woke up this morning happy. Before I got up the bed, I checked my email via mobile and knew that the Multiply authorities responded to my plea about this Agnes character stealing my article. I am so relieved to say the least. I hope to thank you guys for the overwhelming response of support and suggestions regarding my predicament. I really appreciate you all.


The message below is my correspondence with Multiply. All the while I thought they will not be able to respond to my concern, it has been days of waiting. I am really glad to have heard from them and that they did something about it. I checked the thief’s blog entry where she posted my article. It is no longer there. 🙂

Service has posted a new reply.

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Inquiry Concerning stealing works from my site Mar 2, ’08 6:25 PM
for customer service

The above url is a stolen work from my entry on

I am not sure how you regulate members of multiply with regards to stealing other people’s writings, but please do something about it. All my works are licensed under creative commons. I need your team to assist me regarding this matter and the practice of this particular user who I am not in any way connected with.

Please contact me the soonest possible time. Thank you very much.


service service wrote today at 2:26 AM Hi Jennifer,I removed that post and sent that user a warning.


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An Update on My Stolen Article

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