Missing Our Regular Devotion

We do our family devotions every Monday night.  For some reason, it just occurred to me today that we missed it this week.  Last Monday was an overwhelming day for us.  First, it was my sister’s birthday. We all had fun when we went out and on the way home our little guy slept through the ride. We did not wake him up anymore that night.  Second, we also had our visit to the doctor earlier that day. The doctor was very accommodating and very helpful, not to mention “kikay” but intelligent.  See, even “Kikays” have heads.

Distractions.  It is just so easy for us to be distracted.  We have to sit down soon to make up.  Even as we can obviously do it individually, we have come to value the importance of our weekly family devotions.  Hubby left rather early today to go to Asia Pacific College in Muntinlupa to promote next month’s Summer Youth Camp. May they be able to sign up as many students as possible.

Missing Our Regular Devotion
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