A Practical and Relevant Book

A lot of people, even those who many would consider religious, do not see the Bible as relevant and practical.That is why Bibles, in many homes, are found covered with dust or are seldom touched.Many families do not see the importance of or any benefit from engaging in group or personal Bible Study.

But from my own personal experience, I have found the Bible to be really practical in many areas.It deals about topics of everyday importance to families, businesses or any kind of relationship. Different Bible Verses have helped me as an individual in areas like decision making, conflict resolution, seeking peace in times of confusion and trouble and finding comfort when I or someone close to me is hurting.Other issues like Church and Christian Finance, personal or family finance, integrity, leadership and management are also addressed by the Bible.

I understand that the Bible can be very hard to understand sometimes that is why having someone to help me find and understand principles form it has been of importance.Listening to radio programs, attending church services and listening to pastors teaching about having a personal relationship with Christ and how God’s word develops this relationship has helped me understand the Bible better.

As Romans 10:17 says, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

A Practical and Relevant Book
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