Help! Anyone!?! Someone Stole My Article

I just found out that someone, who I am not in any way connected with, just copied one of my articles (including the photos) and pasted it on her blog as if it was her own. Apparently, her name is Agnes and this is her site with my article. I am not really sure what to do about it. I sent her a message which you will see on that particular page and have contacted the Multiply authorities.

First, it is just disturbing to see my own article, with the very pictures of our wedding, our very faces(!) in someone else’s blog and written in a way that was made to appear that the thief authored it. Second concern is duplicate content. My Christian Wedding Symbols, according to my stats, is the second most searched and viewed article that I have. This Multiply user seems to be a plagiarist by heart, or just plain ignorant. As I read through her other entries, they appear to be all duplicate contents.

This is a plea for anyone who knows what else I should be doing aside from what I have already done. Thank you in advance.

Help! Anyone!?! Someone Stole My Article
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