Unique in Its Continuity

Many people consider the Bible as an old book; outdated and irrelevant to our changing society.But most people who have this view about the Bible probably have never sincerely and accurately investigated its claims.

The Bible claims itself to be written by men inspired by the Holy Spirit of God, thus, God’s word.It is not any particular religion, group of people or any man who made this claim on the Bible.The people who wrote the Bible claimed that they heard directly from God or they felt they had the authority to write so because of their first hand encounter with God.

However, skeptics do not accept this claim because it appears to be a circular argument. But a thing to consider about the Bible is its uniqueness.It is unique in its continuity.Having been written by more than 40 authors coming from diverse backgrounds (a learned man, a shepherd, a tax collector, a king, a fishermen, an army general, etc.), written at different periods in time spanning 1,500 years (over 40 generations) and having subject matters including hundreds of controversial topics, yet through all these it has harmony and continuity from Genesis to Revelation.There is a single unfolding story and that is God’s redemption of mankind.

And this is just one of the things that are unique to the Bible.Skeptics may want to take a step back and investigate the Bible without bias and consider its claims. Nominal believers may want to start reading the Bible seriously.

Unique in Its Continuity
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