Holiday is Family Day!



Today is a declared National holiday and boy did we take advantage of it by going out with the extended family. It was fun! Monday last week, we all together went to Marikina Dampa and today we decided to hit the mall and claim the gift our broadband provider gave for the holidays. It was a free party sized pizza upon order of the same size. It was fine, except that after being served with two 14″ pizza, we were all stuffed with pizza breath and we all agreed we’ve had more than enough!

I wish I could tell you it all went great from the start. We decided to just use one vehicle on our way to the mall, we rode the Hilux, with hubby behind the wheel and my son and his Ninong cozy at the back.  The two big boys played PSP along the way. When we got to the mall, it turned out hubby forgot the claim coupon back home. Argh! It’s good that we went to a nearby mall. It would have been fine to just go ahead and dine in without the coupon, but that was what we were there for! So hubby and bro in law went right back. Next week is another family day out for all of us as we celebrate dear sister’s birthday. I just wish there were more holidays, gets the board off my mind. 🙂

Holiday is Family Day!

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