Remembering with Thanksgiving

Around this time last year, I remember the fun hubby and I had going from one home depot to another looking for fixtures needed inside the house. It was a time we will always remember. A few months before that we went to different housing agencies hoping to get a great deal on some foreclosed properties. But it turned out the Lord has got something better in mind for us.

For years there was a kind of drought in our family. Depression would attempt to hit us from all corners. The ministry place isn’t all but fun and joy. Hard times surface especially the times when the very challenges lie within the ministry place itself.

I praise God for the husband that He has given me. He pressed on towards the goal despite the many hardships and emotional turmoil. Everything tells us now that it is the Lord rewarding us for keeping our eyes towards the goal. Distractions may come in all shapes and forms and it is our heart to keep on what the Lord has called us to do. Life is good, but it gets even better by the day even as we surrender ourselves at His disposal.

Remembering with Thanksgiving
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