Why Pursue Oneness in Marriage

A couple comes into the marriage setting wanting only the best. The thoughts of isolation and of being lonely do not cross both minds, there is a level of certainty that the marriage that you have will not step within the level of mediocrity. These expectations are all but normal. But when symptoms of isolation and loneliness get in the picture one or both of them will suddenly realize that it has all been going on for years.

But the thing is, ISOLATION CAN BE DEFEATED. If you will be willingly to make the right choices, the very root can be cured and healed. When you both get down to it, a great marriage is possible. When differences that annoy each other surface, when that feeling hits you that you now totally live with a stranger, when truth is he or she is the same person. The point is, more often than not, there is a tendency to cease to look deeper into the person and value your spouse the way you used to. We have to make that choice to think about the reasons why you married your spouse and condition your heart and know that your spouse is not your opponent. There is always the enemy who wants to break marriages and homes apart. This is evident even as more and more people are preferring living arrangements without getting married.

But we have to ask ourselves this question, “What legacy do we want to leave behind?” This thought can be motivation enough for couples to get serious with their marriages. We can think about how our marriages will impact the lives of our children who will in the future carry their own torches to hand down to the next generation. When you look into your children’s faces, look at them beyond those childish persona. These people will one day grow up and will pick up the values that you instill in them through your words and actions.

These are the things that motivate us in our own marriage. Our calling is to serve the Lord and our first responsibility is to include our child in the number of people we minister to. Knowing that he will in the future influence the generation after him.

Why Pursue Oneness in Marriage
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