Big Boy Bed Chronicles Continues

jan2308.JPG I hope to again journal my son’s jumping on the big boy status. A couple of nights back, in the wee hours of the morning, I heard tiny, big steps (I swear his footsteps are not light! But I know they come from tiny feet) coming towards our bed. It was our son with his “blue pillow”  (that’s how he calls it). I thought then he was ready to jump to our bed as he would sometimes do at around seven in the morning.I told him to come up the bed but he left and headed back to his room. I allowed a couple of minutes and peeked on his room. He was sleeping soundly on his own cozy bed.

Sigh!It is pretty obvious that our boy, who has not even turned three yet, is embracing his big boy status. It is bitter sweet really. I still sometimes hope he would regress and would want to sleep with us again.Time flies real fast.He is not even three but he loves acting like a grown up. I can truly go on and on about my son and his milestones. He’s pretty much breezing through every adjustment expected of his age.I am thrilled to homeschool him next year.That would be another adventure for us as a family.

Big Boy Bed Chronicles Continues
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