Looking Back at Last Year’s Summer Camp

GeNxT Summer Camp 2007 was quite an interesting experience for me. It was in this camp that I ventured into a bit of Christian apologetics (defense) in my message to campers (around 750 young people for the 1st week and 1,068 for the 2nd week), a large percentage of which are non-believers. The topic was Absolute Truth and its Source.


In the message it was pointed out that THERE IS AN ABSOLUTE TRUTH and GOD IS ITS SOURCE. Absolute Truth was defined as “that which is true for all people, at all times, in all places.” This is opposed to what we hear from many people, “What’s right for you may not be right for me,  which is actually RELATIVISM. It is based on the belief that each person is free to choose what is right or wrong for him/her. This may sound very democratic and very non-offensive, however, this belief is inconsistent in some areas.

An example was shown in the drama before the message where a sales lady (who was a relativist) talked about the topic of truth to a Christian (who believed in absolute truth) who was looking for a pair of sunglasses. The sales lady held the belief that there are different forms of truth and these truths are dependent on the individuals who uphold them. At the end of their conversation, just to prove a point, the Christian left the store and did not pay for the pair of sunglasses he took intentionally. The sales lady consequently acted defensively and accused the Christian of stealing the sunglasses; but the Christian defended himself by saying, “That may be wrong for you but what if taking these sunglasses is right for me?” The sales lady reacted by saying that it was a different case and that stealing is wrong. The Christian then concluded that since the sales lady said that stealing is wrong then there must be an absolute truth.

As follow up, this illustration then leads us to ask where did the rule about stealing come from? Was it just formulated by lawmakers who thought it inconvenient for the majority of the people they govern to have there possessions taken from them? Who established this rule in the first place? Who determined that taking the possession of others is wrong? Who and where did right and wrong all begin or originate?

The inevitable, undeniable and most logical conclusion (if we are to follow only what makes the best sense) is that there is a Higher Being who determined right from wrong and He is the Source of right and wrong; He determined absolute truth; He is no other than God.

In the message, I went on to give a few more arguments for the existence of God. The first was the very obvious and very powerful evidence of changed lives – the many people from different generations, different walks of life, different continents who followed Jesus and had life-changing experience experiences – their powerful testimony is evidence enough for the existence of a powerful God.

The second was the argument that any design has a designer. I used as an illustration the design of the stage at GeNxT camp. Many campers agreed that it was a beautiful stage design. I asked the campers if they would believe me if I told them that two weeks ago all we did was just bring the materials that made up the whole stage design (materials such as plywood boards, nails, tarpaulins, inks, electrical wires, light bulbs, etc.) and all of a sudden, randomly, these materials just collided together and out came this beautiful stage design. All campers agreed that did not make sense at all. And the same is true for this world and our human body. In great detail, many scientists study the world and the body of the man and agree to the complexity, at the same time the accuracy and greatness of the design of world and man’s body; so much so that the idea of these not having a Designer is highly illogical. It is safer and much more sensible to conclude that God is the Designer of this world and our body than to think that we just randomly came about.

The third argument was man’s natural sense of morality, which is actually the topic.

A person, wherever he/she may come from, whatever educational, environmental or cultural background he/she has would feel that something is wrong when any person would try to kill his/her family (son, daughter, mother or father). This feeling spans all cultures, generations, backgrounds and even beliefs. The questions that, again, arise are, “Where did this come from? Who gave this feeling or sense of right and wrong to mankind?” Again, the sensible and logical answer is that it came from God who created man in His image and likeness.

This was actually a very tough message to prepare and deliver, especially to teenagers. At first I was hesitant to even consider this message but I thank God that He prompted me to feel the urgency of teaching this. I believe the truths shared in this message were foundational to the campers’ enlightenment.

So my encouragement and challenge to all believers is learn to defend your faith (Christian apologetics). BE GROUNDED!

Looking Back at Last Year’s Summer Camp
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