Our Family’s Vacation Plan

Our family is looking into going on a vacation outside the country just in time before our little guy starts schooling next year.So that gives us a year to prepare for that.Our friend, Ana, is opening her abode in Singapore for us, if ever.So that would take of a major bulk of our travel expense. Considering this, we are canvassing for cheap flights to go to the countries we are looking into.

We are really excited even as this is going to be the first time for all of us to go out of the country and we will be tagging our son along.He is now able to appreciate things and is very vocal and articulate in describing things around him.Our friend raves about the wonderful places she has been in Singapore and we would love to go check out those places.

Our family has considered going to Boracay where hubby and I went for our honeymoon more than six years ago, but we figured that we will be spending just about the same amount if we go outside the country, so we are apt to go check out another country and spend real fun time with the family.

Our Family’s Vacation Plan
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