Our Valentine Date


It wasn’t grand. I was not expecting anything fancy. We were just too busy. I know that’s no excuse. We just went out because we had to. We definitely did not have any other time to do our grocery shopping. I have my reviews on weekends and today’s schedule is all but loaded.

We said we are going to have a Valentine grocery date and we intended to have fun and have a non-fancy dinner outside. We passed by Marikina’s Jesus Panciteria and had the grandest Valentine yet. It was spontaneous. We did not even know we were passing by that road. It was one of those places we used to go to when we were not married yet. We used to hang out there with friends and gobble on the good food that are served in grand plates.


See how ordinary the place is? It really is. It just goes to show how ordinary places become magical when two people are just into each other having the same heart and having fun. That was yet the grandest Valentine I had with my husband. Although the day did not quite start on the same sweet note. Things worked out fine and splendid as the day progressed.


Dear hubby has this habit of surprising me every single special event we celebrate. I have somehow expected things to come every time through the years of getting such treatment. To say that I enjoy it still is an understatement. Even as expected as they are, I am still like a little girl giddy with excitement as each surprise comes.

One of my favorites from the things that he gave me yesterday that meant so much was this card that reads:

Sa Aking Mahal, Aking Tadhana.


Namangha ako na sa laki ng mundong ito nakatagpo ako ng isang katulad mo na makakakumpleto ng buhay ko. Pareho tayong nasa tamang lugar sa tamang oras para magkakilala a makaibigan. Sa mulit’t muli, napagtanto ko na nakatakda ang ating pagmamahalan. Maligayang Araw ng mga Puso.

Of course, those words are from the card. And if you are like me, you would also be tickled by the hifalutin vernacular words. Here is what he wrote on the opposite page.

My Ever dearest Jennie,

All the things you see printed on this card is true. When I think about the possibility of me finding someone like you – I see the slimmest chance. In fact, I wouldn’t have been able to see that slim chance until you came into my life – because really I could never ever find another you.

You are perfect for me and really fit perfectly in every part of my life. and I am so blessed that God destined us to be together.

This Valentine’s Day, I just want to express to you through these written thoughts how much I love you! And thank you for loving me… Love, Jeff

Another surprise he gave was the gift he handed me on our way home. I was not expecting anything anymore because we were almost ready to call it a day. I love the combo perfume package he gave me. I so love perfumes and he knows that this will always be a hit. His note reads, “The scent of roses are fit for today’s occasion. But I knew you wouldn’t appreciate flowers. So I thought I’d let you smell the scent of roses this whole year with this simple gift. I hope you like it.”


We wonderfully ended the day when we went to our friends’ place that we have long delayed to go visit. They have a newborn baby. We love being with this wonderful family. A real memorable and wonderful day it was.




Our Valentine Date
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