Our Discount Bathroom

I must say that my favorite room in our house is our bathroom. Its theme is black and white classic.We were also able to install a bath tub, which is what I have always wanted to have ever since I was little.Despite the fact that the tiles installed therein are from floor to ceiling as opposed to the more popular budgeted ones, it is still practically a discount bathroom.I remember going through just about every home depot this time of the year yesterday looking for fixtures for our dream bathroom including cheap lights and we then settled for a pin light which completed the look.

Stockblowout.com has rock bottom prices for just about everything your home needs.I have especially liked their bathroom fixture collections that display a wide selection of beautiful but inexpensive pieces.

It was said that to check out how pretty the home is go straight to the bathroom and it says so much about the taste of the homeowner.This was not really a major motivation for us when we were conceptualizing what our bathroom’s look.But who does not want to have a pretty bathroom to relax in and behold its comfort.

Our Discount Bathroom

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