Our Dream Valentine Getaway

As Valentine’s day is fast approaching and the romantic air getting sweeter by the minute, people have started going over all the romantic thoughts and plan of places to go to. Both me and dear hubby have got places in our minds that we love to visit. But for me what tops my list is Italy. It is definitely one of the most romantic places in the world, hands down. It is one place that we would love to go to sometime.




If you are a couple like us, you would sure to check out Hotels in Florence with a grand view. This is one of the reasons why Italy is on top of the list of places that I love. Their views are just magnificent. Venice Italy Hotels will also be a consideration. I would especially love a place around the marvelous Camp S. Maurizio. It would be lovely to stay in a place that will allow me to breathe the magical atmosphere of the fabulous city.


There are really a lot of choices- from hotels in Milan to all the varied distinctions of the different Rome hotels available. Whichever will be given us to stay over at, I will be very grateful. That would be a perfect Valentine getaway for any celebrating married couple like us.

Our Dream Valentine Getaway
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