My Sporty Hubby

I’m not sure if you have a husband as into sports like I do. I probably am the most non-sports participating girl you will ever come across with. But that was before I met dear hubby. He has dragged me to possibly every sports event that he ever went to. I am so sure that if we were given the chance he would have us Buy Red Sox Tickets in a heartbeat. And he would probably not just have us go to one event. He would also probably would have us watch the Yankees, Mets, White Sox, Giants and the Dodgers.

The only time I got fanatic was when I was in college and we were pushed by our non academic instructor to attend tournaments. But that was it. The moment I stepped out of the school was the moment I left everything about sports. A couple of years back, hubby dragged me to a SEA games event and got me to watch his games and trainings in football. Of course, those times he need not drag me because I have grown to love what he loves.

My Sporty Hubby

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