Transit from Manila

I just came back from my review class in Manila. It was by far the most challenging time for me- commuting alone in Manila. I have always been terrified to commute especially in the vicinity of the famous Quiapo place. This place is flocked by a lot of bad entities and I practically sprinted my way from the bus to the train station. It’s good that I practically have the same figure as someone who has benefited from eca stack. I love being fit at this age. In fact, I still perfectly fit the clothes I had in my teenage years!


I met dear hubby at the end of the train ride in twenty five minutes. I am so glad I did not give in to his offer to pick me up at school, or else we would still be in the streets of Manila probably looking for alternate routes. It is a Saturday, and traffic is at its worse on weekends. Our family just enjoyed our dinner together. It feels so good to be home with these sweet men of my life.

Transit from Manila

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