The Switch

Yesterday, since dear hubby was really busy, we practically just went communicating throughout the day through short messaging system.I have been really disgusted already how our broadband connection will time and again act up.It has always been like this.I was out convincing him to go look for another provider who will not give us this kind of trouble.

I am so glad when dear hubby mentioned of the option of cable internet.It gives me hope that we will soon enjoy uninterrupted internet extras like anti-virus protection and personal web space are just bonuses.What I’m really looking at is the quality of service that the cable internet provider will give.

We do not have very many options to choose from when it comes to broadband connection. But I really feel it was not right for us to get stuck in a service that is just down right trash. We are paying a thousand bucks a month for such a poor kind of connection and what service do they give us?We have practically told them to come check our connection every single time but they have not gone back since.

We are counting the days when we could change from broadband to cable internet connection.

The Switch

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