Giving Birth and Hair Loss

Two nights ago I just had my bangs trimmed again.I won’t call it vanity.I just need to device a better look to make better of my crowing glory that has grown thin these past couple of years.My wide forehead does not really bother me as much as the fact that my hair is growing thinner by the year. I am really admitting to this, am I?After I gave birth in 2005 I started losing so much hair.It was like I was on a chemo, I swear!I have read somewhere that it was to be expected when a woman gives birth,but I hope I they grow back as before.

I have tried and tested countless hair loss products, even those designed for horses’ hair, no kidding!I do not lose as much hair now as before but my hair remains thin and just about too fine than it was before.Maybe this will be the perfect product to try on, because I honestly must have tried on every other available product in the market and my crowning glory remains thin.Although I know hubby would love me no less, but I would sure love to still sport great locks to my dying age.

Giving Birth and Hair Loss
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