My Musical Boy

Since two weeks ago when dear son shifted from our family bed to his very own single bed inside his very own single room, he has managed to stay there for most of the nights.Yesterday he was announcing to his father and me that he is no longer baby Jed, but his name now is big boy Jed.This surprised us. It’s another bittersweet progress of our son.He sure is growing up and he is ready step out of the baby stage.

I know I will hold him as my baby in my heart, forever.It is one of the songs we sing every night.The “I love you, forever” song. He requests this from me and sings it with me.He would also love to give his papa his play guitar and hand me his harmonica while he plays the drums and the used piano alternately.He has really grown to love playing different instruments.In fact, after every worship service at church every Sunday, he would run straight to the keyboards and play.He could just stay there forever fiddling with the different keys and I tell you he does play music already.We’re already considering acquiring a piano in the future for him to be able to hone his talent even in his young age. It might just be a little too early now and we do not have yet anyone in mind yet who will effectively teach a toddler piano lessons.My husband and I really see that this is one of the things that he truly enjoys.

My musical baby will just sing for hours on end every single song he has got memorized.From the “I love you Lord” hymnal song, the full soundtrack of Barney Songs to the more popular children’s song in our vernacular “Tong, Pakitong-kitong. He is practically a live baby juke box.

My Musical Boy

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