The Need for Focused Attention in Marriage

To be alone with your spouse is something I cannot emphasize to you enough about. Again, it is undivided attention. This is basically where most of wives get ticked over. The non-focused attention, that is. It is okay to go out with other couples, but always make sure you have an “alone” time with your spouse. A special time when you will intentionally be attentive and give him or her your undivided time. No cell phone, no business to think about. This will be a very nice treat to give your spouse on a Valentine date. Just make sure this will serve to jump start a routine that you should both do every so often.

You both need this to go back to basics. Go back to where you started. When there were no kids yet, no bills to pay. To remind each other that it all started this way and you both intend to move on to a better marriage. The fun you get when people you know see you getting all mushy is all but a bonus. We should know. We all hear all those cajoling saying we are like boyfriend and girlfriend. And we kid you not! We are still each other’s boyfriend and girlfriends! And the courtship never ends! Romance is possible in marriage. 🙂

The Need for Focused Attention in Marriage

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