Helping Parents Take Control

As ministers, we have met so many hurting parents who are disheartened at how their children chose the path they took.We are not just ministers to these people, I have also emphasized that we are proactive parents to our toddler son.We choose what we do now to make sure our son’s foundation from the critical stage of development is right.We do not just want to raise a son who we can live with, but also we want him to be a blessing to the people around him.

There is one website that I have especially bookmarked for this very concern firmly believe in all the principles this website holds on to.Their tag line is “helping parents take control, which happens to be in line with Jeff’s preaching series lately.The site teaches parents the practical principles to follow.If we will sum up all the majority of juvenile delinquency cases, most of them really are preventable through proper implementation of proactive teaching techniques.I hope every parent will read this and be guided accordingly.We should always be in the look out especially when it comes to our children.The world has turned from bad to worse and we can only do so much. Let us do our share in raising our children right so that they will be blessings to their own generation down to the succeeding generations.The influence of our current parenting styles do make a larger impact in the long run.

Helping Parents Take Control

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