Frustrations with Our Current Broadband Provider

My husband has been calling the hotline of our internet broadband provider from the second week of our subscription.It is so frustrating to go through the motions of repeatedly talking everything out to just about every single agent you get on the phone with.It has been seven long months since.

Technicians have already come to our place three times to check what is wrong but until now our service is always interrupted and our connection often intermittent. If we were in a better world, or a better running country that is, we would not have to deal with this kind of poor service and get stuck with their one year lock up agreement with a bad broadband service for one year. It has been causing us major headaches and they would just about formulate every single excuse possible for such kind of service. I am sure broadband will be far from what our current provider delivers.We are looking forward to switching to a better provider come July this year when our subscription expires.

Frustrations with Our Current Broadband Provider

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