Our plan as a family is to have our son enter a homeschooling curriculum when he turns four. Even as we have this in mind, we have been preparing our son for it right when he was still eight months old. We are blessed to have been able to access books on homeshooling and get on with the activities that could prepare him right from when he was an infant. There are appropriate activities according to his age in months and we use that book as a guide.

I just love the way our son responds to each activity. I remember in one of the sessions we had when he was less than a year old, we would built a make shift bridge and teach him how he should walk along the narrow path. He is now capable of using his imagination and it is fascinating how rich his imagination has developed since. Last year, I have read that one of the requirements for a kid to enter preschool is that he knows how to use a pair of scissors. Somehow this terrified me, I can’t imagine getting my son near a pair of scissors! But when I thought about it that those requirements are “studied” and they must not mean for kids to use box cutters. I then rummaged from our box of what-have-yous and there I saw a pair of paper scissors with no blades. This is what I allowed for him to use. He is still not an expert at it, but he’s doing neatly and could cut papers already.

My son will officially start homeshooling next year and we pray that we will get ourselves geared for that event. We are thrilled for him and we are also looking into finding a once a week social event for him to meet with other homeschooling kids. We pray everything goes well.


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