Family Business

Our family is looking at going into business in the future. For now, aside from the Startup capital issue, we need to set everything up from the location, the kind of business and all the other details on starting a business. We know the risk is there, we just want to have them at the minimum, if we could at all help it.


If ever the Lord wills for our family to go into the food business we are looking into, we will surely sign up with It is were entrepreneurs, investors and various business owners from around the world meet and exchange ideas. Their membership is currently free of charge since it launched March of last year. This site is really going to come in handy for those people who are in the business because they will get all the possible ideas from the exact people who are dealing with businesses the same as theirs. It is interesting to know that the membership of Go4Funding has now grown to 4000 since. We know we will be needing all the help and tips we could get and this site will sure to come in handy.

Family Business

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