My First 2 Review Days at Philippine Normal University (PNU)


These are two of my buddy co-reviewers. Guess what we were doing in this picture? Killing time. Our Science lecturer, who is supposed to come in at ten in the morning did not show up and without a word at that! We had to kill time up until the next session which was at two in the afternoon.

Philippine Normal University. This school is supposed to be the country’s best school to mold future top notch teachers. I don’t know but in the two days that I attended their famous review classes, I am really disappointed. Should I say that this school has been over rated? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m not really sure. The fact that it is their first time to hold this review schedule might just be the reason.

First day- the lecturers on English and Literature were good ones. A command of expertise on their subjects are evident. But the third speaker on Sociology just drained the patience out of me, even of the other reviewers inside the auditorium. I swear almost half of the class were sleeping. He did not have the slightest command of expertise on the subject that he is lecturing about. His monotone voice definitely just lulled everyone to sleep. He kept on running in circles while he was discussing. He would jump from one topic to another, without warning. In fairness to the speaker, I honestly believe that he is not the one assigned to do the lecture. The fact that he came in 40 minutes later than scheduled backs this theory. The “original” lecturer must have gone MIA or something, and he was just pulled out of nowhere to do the job.

The second day, which was yesterday after the first lecturer on Filipino was done, we were left to wait for more than one hour. Count, one hour and 15 minutes, until all of us reviewers agreed to just have our lunch and get right back after. Tell me, where was this school’s decency to at least get someone to the auditorium and announce that the lecturer for Science is not showing up. This is them communicating “disrespect” for the reviewers who enrolled for the review. Yes I am upset. And if they do not do anything to explain what happened the first two days of the review classes, I will always have this “tag” on them. They just can’t take the reviewers for granted like this just because they have a good reputation. These experiences I had in this school give them a bad name and if they don’t shape up and get themselves organized, word of mouth will have it and people will know eventually.

I still have nine more sessions with this school and I sure hope that they will redeem themselves through the way they conduct the sessions. I really don’t have very high expectations. But come on, having reviewers wait for more than one hour for nothing is just about too much.
My First 2 Review Days at Philippine Normal University (PNU)

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