Our Bright Child

As proactive parents to our almost three year old toddler, me and dear husband are always on the lookout for great ideas that will allow our son to reach his maximum potential.Our son sure has a lot of energy and he would often pull his papa to go on a roundabout for their usual adventure games.His father can surely pace with his seemingly non-expiring energy.While I would go towards finding the toddler learning games appropriate for his age.The learning games that we do are fun and even as he gets older I have noticed his attention span to longer as compared before when he would easily dismiss the things we do.

 I am fascinated every single time we have our “study-fun” sessions.He almost picks up things in a snap.I discovered that I need not teach him things the second time because he gets them right from the firs time I taught him.This applies to the majority of things I’ve been teaching him. I am happy to announce that at two years and six months he was already able to read simple 3-letter words. I’m a proud mama, and I can’t help it! I am not really keen on getting him the “young achiever” status. I don’t want him to feel pressured. So we just do things at his pace. I am amazed and blessed to have such a bright child.Our prayer and commitment is that we will be able to nurture his talents and gifts as he grows to reach his potential.

Our Bright Child

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