The Story Behind “Marriage and Beyond”

It was in the last days of November last year when I got convinced by two of my friends that I have to think of my future blog’s niche, name it and finally get my foot on true blue blogging.An SEO expert friend ushered us to a site where one can register domain names and claim the name for our site.That was our first step towards blogging.I could still remember staying up until four in the morning playing with names and checking them out if they were available.

I was actually downright frustrated already when all the .com domains I had in mind seemed to have been taken.I was particular with a .com, not a .net or other suffixes available.I am partial towards this because I know it ismore generic sounding and that it was more likely that our domain name will be remembered.

Just when I have practically given up on choosing the name. And in those last few minutes I stayed in front of the computer, I suddenly felt at peace with I then whispered to dear hubby’s ear for approval and his smile affirmed my choice.And behold, the birth of our first ever domain name,Marriage and Beyond.

The Story Behind “Marriage and Beyond”

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