Telltale Signs of Isolation in Marriage

Isolation in marriage starts when husband and wife slowly drifts apart in ways not recognizable at first.

Here are some signs of to watch out for in your marriage:

1. A feeling that your spouse isn’t hearing you and doesn’t want to understand.

2. A feeling of “Who cares?” “Why try?” “Tomorrow we’ll talk about it-let’s just get some sleep.”

3. A feeling of being unable to please or meet the expectations of your spouse.

4. A sense that he’s detached form you.

5. A feeling that he or she is going her own way.

6. A refusal to cope with what’s really wrong. “That’s your problem, not mine.”

7. A feeling that keeping the peace by avoiding the conflict is better than the pain of dealing with reality.

Telltale Signs of Isolation in Marriage

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