The Threat of Isolation in Marriage

#1 “No Trespassing”

Translated to our vernacular “walang pakialamanan.” (You’re business is your business. Mine is my own.”)

#2 A Ticking Clock

This is when you can almost hear the clock tick, because of the silence around the house.

#3 Crowded Calendar

A bulging calendar fed with countless activities. This results in sheer exhaustion.

#4 Locked Doors

When either or both husband and wife clams up in a shell and resists or may be afraid to open up. It’s almost like an invisible wall in between them.

#5 Excess Baggage

When individuals bring heavy emotional luggage in marriage. This is made manifest in the conflicts that will arise due to unresolved issues.

#6 The TV Dinner

Lack of communication. The couple begins to shut one another out of their lives often when TV dinners have taken the place that is meant for communication.

#7 A Divided Highway

The absence of oneness, especially in raising up their children. The husband believes in one principle, and the wife another.

#8 Absence of Blueprints

Often times, couple spend so much time preparing for their wedding event. But how many couples actually sit down and spend time preparing to make their marriages work?

The Threat of Isolation in Marriage

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