Our Musical Family

I could say that we are one musical family.Our inclinations towards music are natural.I could say that especially with my son, Jed.My husband is into rock, ska and always makes sure he gets into the latest music band news.My son sings non-stop and would sing all the songs that he has memorized (which is plenty, by the way) to put himself to sleep.As for me, I have done piano lessons from childhood and had some drum lessons from my husband back in our courtship days. But more than playing instruments, what I love more is singing.

I have come to appreciate all kinds of music.In the recent years, Indie music has come to popularity. It’s great to know that there is one Indie music blog that is not afraid to tell the truth on their views on music.We have always been open to exploring these kinds of music, especially alternative ones.

Our Musical Family
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