Our Son to Join a Baby Photo Contest

Being proactive parents, we have made sure to be there for our kid every step of the way. Every milestone, every progress are all regularly put into journal and we were never comfortable being on the sidelines when it comes to raising him.

When our son was ten months old, we got him into a photo shoot, very much convinced that our son can make it to the ad pages or even baby Baby Modeling contests that we can get our hands on. I must say that though, that as proactive as we are, we did not have the luxury of time needed to line up in different agencies. So I suppose doing online contests are the ones for us.

The Cute Kid: Baby Photo Contest Online for Cute Kids is the internet’s largest photo contest for children. Professional talent and casting agent judges get to select five finalists and from those five pick out the winner. All finalists are given a whopping $25,000 College tuition fund. This is really something! There are also monthly prizes to look forward to like: $500 US Savings Bond, $200 US Savings Bond, $100 Amex Gift Card, Canvas Portrait and a professional portrait session. These are all wonderful news for all parents who are always on the go when it comes to getting their children into just about every photo contest. If you really want to get your child into a contest, then have him join the best. All the fame for your kid and the bonus of getting his future secure is really something. I would have been content with the exposure, but you’ll never know, your child must just have what it takes.

Our Son to Join a Baby Photo Contest
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