My New Organic Discovery

I have been very particular with regards to things my son uses right from when he was in utero.I have not stopped in my discovery to giving him only what’s all natural. Because I believe it will benefit him the best.My latest discovery is Smartwool socks and how beneficial this is going to be for my son.Unlike the regular cotton socks which, these days, would hardly come from organic cotton.

Smartwool socks are delicately manufactured from a special breed of sheep from New Zealand that is made of 90 percent keratin, a resilient protein.It makes the material resistant to bacteria.It has made to be very durable in all conditions, withstanding wear and tear.But what I like best is the socks being anti bacterial so that meansno itching. No bad smell like the regular wool socks and they are 100% natural fiber.Best of they look good!

My New Organic Discovery
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