Prudence and Insurance

Prudence.This is one quality I believe my mother has imparted to me without her knowing it even as I saw her handle my family of origin’s financial affairs despite the hard and shaky situations we have experienced in the past.Although I hope not to be as obsessive compulsive as she is,I still believe this characteristic of hers is more of an asset than a liability.

I just came down to thinking that this particular characteristic is pretty evident in me, even as I make sure my own family now is covered with life and health insurance.Ever since my husband and I got married and even though we still don’t have a house of our own, we still got our furnishings and house contents insured.I believe this is one way to be good stewards of blessings that are given us.

Next month, we plan to have our home covered.You see, with all the expenses we shelled out last year with house construction, we almost dismissed this very important coverage.If we were able to get our a home insurance, albeit for contents, when we were still renting,we have more reasons now to get our house covered now that we call it our own.

Prudence and Insurance
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