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This week marks our two months in the blogging world. I cannot tell you enough the fun that dear husband and I are having as we team up in this endeavor. There were but a few tricks that we were taught by a good friend of ours. This friend also happens to be an SEO expert. He has imparted things to us on how to get our site in good rankings. One of which is having our site listed in directories.



Of course at first, I had no clue what I was doing. But later on I came to understand how things work. It is very important to get your site listed in a web directory that is human edited. Getting on the specific category your site falls should be considered. It will then be easier for readers to get to your site when you do it right from the start. MaxWebdirectory is one great directory site. Your site submission is absolutely free and approval is fast as compared to other directories that approve an average of one month from submission. Site owners will greatly benefit from getting listed in MaxWebdirectory. If you seek to improve your link popularity or even traffic, then you should go ahead and submit your URL to this directory and see for yourselves.

Web Directory

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