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One of the many fun things a family can do over the weekend is to check out great events like konzert tickets and musicals. I’m sure husband will love to go to a football event and son will love to see The Lion King musical.


There is a reliable online ticket exchange where you are guaranteed to get good tickets for live events that one would love to attend. Viagogo is an online ticket exchange where you could get your tickets that you can buy and sell. It is the most secure way where buyers and sellers of tickets meet. Viagogo provides great customer service for both parties and they have all the logistics figured out. For instance, when one buys a ticket or auction, a confirmation email will be sent to you to ensure that you get hold of your ticket before the event begins. And if ever there would be hassles in receiving your ticket, Viagogo can give you even better tickets. And if you are a seller, Viagogo ensures that you immediately get paid, no more clearing days.


They have loads of categories a family or a bunch of friends could choose from. Some theater tickets are Mamma Mia, Wicked, Lion King. Events from the classics category: David Garrett, Domingo Netrebko and Villazon, Potsdam chataeux night, et al. Comedy: Michael Mittermeier, Helge Schneider, Kurt Kromer and many more. There are also great events under Opera, Show, Ballet and Dance and even for conferences and lectures. Viagogo is a one stop shop for tickets for all those great events.

Viagogo Events Tickets
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