Engagement’s Place in Marriage

ring.jpgIs engagement really necessary? Our culture so dictates. Is there more to that solitary diamond slipped on Juliet’s ring finger than the way it beautifully glistened in the sun? Or is it just mere caprice? Is it a dowry of some sort that the groom gives to the bride instead and not to the family? The whole idea of engagement may come to many single men as perplexing, even ridiculous at times. Only those who can afford will actually welcome the idea without question. But really, what is the engagement’s place in marriage?

Engagement is a place to begin discovering your rather great differences with your fiance. They say opposites attract, and that proved to hubby’s and my case was true. There were delightful revelations, but there were also that came as startling surprises. Jeff is very bright and finds numbers delightful as I must have given up on Math right from grade school. He is very laid back as opposed to my uptight, pessimistic attitude. How could two such diverse people come to a union as close as marriage? Engagement is a place of acceptance, of setting your mind on what’s to come that’s permanent. It is a place of conditioning  more than the glistening beauty of the diamond straining your eyes. It’s a beautiful strain, any woman will agree. 🙂

I guess with our very tolerant culture, it really all depends on the understanding of the couple who are to get married. If they want a rather non-stereotype engagement, then it’s their call. No more hassle on getting that diamond ring that’s worth three times the man’s salary. But the idea, the purpose of conditioning of one selves should not be taken for granted. How about you? What’s your opinion? Do you think the whole trouble of the traditional engagement is still necessary? Or is it something that you think a couple can do without?

Engagement’s Place in Marriage

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