My Overdue List

In one of my entries last month, I shared about getting right back to my chiropractor to get my back fixed.Here’s a list of five things I should do real soon.

  1. Resume my visits to my chiropractor.Regular ones.
  1. Get a professional teeth whitening procedure.
  1. Get a couple of soy based scented candles I love, in lavender and cinnamon spice.
  2. Settle my credit card outstanding balance, which I could finally do very soon! Woohoo!
  3. And get a black refill for my Montblanc.

These are just a few of my selfish wish list.I have long been putting off things for myself.I guess when you become queen around the house, your family does come first.The juggling business gets the best of you. I say this without regret, because I love seeing them satisfied and happy. I am myself happy, because of all the wonderful things my husband is to me and all the fascinating ways my son has been day in and out.I never felt at all that anything that is due mine is withheld from me. Overdue as this list may be, I still don’t find them very urgent when I see all the blessings I get to enjoy every single day. 🙂

My Overdue List
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