Missing Friends


I so miss my friends from Teletech. If I should say the least, we sure have bonded from the short time we have spent together. From the grueling trainings we’ve been through: ACE, the Dean Vaughn Series and those thousands of medical terminologies we memorized. I had to tender my resignation abruptly, as I was advised by my Obstetrician to. I was in danger of miscarrying my two month old baby. But then, I lost him anyway. At least I have given him my all when I was able. Going back to our training days, I would vividly recall how different personalities just about jive and have settled to accept our differences, even the not so loveable bunch have found their ways to each hearts.

Close to a year since I left the company and we are still in touch one way or another. I could only wish we could go back to comparing notes. Those experiences we have talking to some random health provider over the phone. Discussing some palliative care reviews like the medical health professional coordinators we were trained to be. There are but handful of things I sure hope to share with them once again. From the most trivial things, the early morning breakfast, just because, to the more serious issues. I just so miss them and I hope to catch up with them soon.

Missing Friends
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