Last Night

Last night was our son’s first night to sleep on his big boy bed, in his very own room.It took him quite a while before he dozed off to sleep.He made just one trip to the potty but went right back to his bed.Around midnight when both me and dear husband were off to retiring, we heard our son call his papa and when he carried him and was ready to put him down on our family bed. He then appealed and told us that he wants to sleep on his new bed.So there we were, the three of us on a single bed.Can you imagine!We were nice and warm all right, but we sure could use some space, if you’d ask me.Here’s a funny conversation my son had with his father in the morning:

Papa: “Son, give papa some space.(our son scooted over just a bit, as if there was any more room!)

Son:”Give baby Jed some space?” (interrogative manner)

We were one crowded bunch, I tell you.I don’t know how it’s going to be tonight. Our son has never given us a hard time at all with just about every single milestone growing up.It’s a real blessing that he’s such an easy child.We haven’t even experienced those common potty training problems.One thing for sure, we’re not strict with the non-essentials. That would have been the trick.Regression possibly comes with rigidity.We are keen though in raising him up to be a disciplined human being.We want him to grow up to be a blessing to others around him. 🙂

Last Night
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