10 Random Things About Me

  1. I love the thrill of a fast car on a clear lane.It’s liberating.I

also love getting ahead of those nasty drivers who try to send me off because they see a girl behind the wheel.

2. My mother thought of having me undergo a nose surgery when I was younger.Seriously!

3. I love Ababu.The Persian cuisine place, a few blocks away from U.P. Diliman.

4. I am 31 years old.

5. My greatest pet peeve is getting my feet wet and dirtied from splatters of water on the streets.

6. I love proactive parenting with my hubby.

7. I am a very passionate person.

8. I am an action person.This complements my being passionate.I immediately take action when there is something I believe should be done right on.Which is basically just about every time!

9. I so love Takoyaki! Those little Japanese balls with squid pieces and yummy veggies in it.

10. I cannot resist dark chocolates.

10 Random Things About Me
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