Our Son’s First Night on His Big Boy Bed


We have been co-sleeping since he was born. He is now two years and eight months old. There’s not much of rush, I’d repeatedly tell myself. It’s just that his papa’s bed when he was still single just came in and got transferred from lola’s place, then might as well utilize it.

Hubby cleverly maneuvered everything. From having our son get the feel of his bed like sleeping with him in the afternoon, very much like having our son feel how it is to “own” the bed. I didn’t care to get in the way, because I was okay with whatever. I mean if he’s ready to sleep by himself, I’m good with it. If not, I would love to still cuddle with my cutie pie every single night. Of course minus the flying arms and legs in the middle of the night. Hubby got him to sleep alone this evening. He still had his attempts of going back to the family bed and we will just watch what he would do. I don’t want to pressure our son. He will get to it when he’s ready. But he went right back on his bed. He just got up for his mid night pee and went right back to his bed.

I was trying to hold off this milestone and was telling hubby to wait till we get him his wall fan. (I was sure the exhaust fan that connects between our rooms won’t do.) The installation of that exhaust fan is solely for the purpose of sharing the breeze from the air conditioner when it’s turned on. But it proved to be enough in our current weather. His room was cozy and well ventilated. I have no excuse. I have got to give it to hubby for doing a good job. I don’t know if our son will hold off until the morning light breaks but I’m okay with anything really. He’s still my baby. In fact, I might as well stop myself when I get the urge to carry him back to our family bed. He’s growing and I can’t help it. He’s been breezing through every single milestone. I am here thinking maybe in a day or two he might regress, but then again, maybe not. I am not sure of anything yet. It’s too soon to say. Maybe tomorrow he’d realize he still wants to sleep with us. I am just too drawn in this thought. One thing for sure that’s inevitable, my baby is now a boy sleeping on his own big boy bed.

Our Son’s First Night on His Big Boy Bed

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