Passed On From Father To Son


Yesterday, my family and I went to my mother’s place. My mom has asked me to take my bed from her house and bring it to our house in Kingsville since the second quarter of 2007.Finally, we were able to transport the single bed to our place last night and with the help of my aunt and Jennie’s dad, had it ready for use in my son’s room.

My son was so excited to jump on his new bed, which used to be mine.It’s¢ like an inheritance from me.I remember getting that bed during my single years,  more than ten years now. To see my son excited about it makes me just think about how time flies so very quickly.I remember lying on that soft bed many years ago while having conversations on the phone with Jennie.That was the time when Jennie and I met again after being apart for a number of years.That period of my life was historical for me because that was when I began courting Jennie.

And that same bed will now be used by my son, not that he’s so ready to sleep on it, actually he didn’t want to sleep on it last night,  he was excited because he wanted to jump on it. But we do intend to slowly train him and get him used to sleeping on his own bed without mama and papa beside him he’s growing fast and by May 11 this year he’ll be three years old. The feel of that bed still is fresh in my memory, and now Jed would need to adjust to that same feel underneath him when he sleeps at night.

Passed On From Father To Son
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