Miami Beach Resort and Real Estate

There should only be one name in mind if people you know are set on getting south beach condos. Josh Stein. Josh Stein is Miami’s #1 real estate resource for lofts and luxury condos in Miami Beach, SoBe, Downtown, Brickell and the Arts District. If you will go check out their website, they have thousands in their listings for you to choose from. Their site even features a blog wherein you could see for yourselves the reviews that could help you decide on which property to purchase.


Josh Stein features for you the ability to choose the condo that would fit your need from the price range that is within your budget. Whether it be loft, luxury condos, art deco, luxury homes or pre construction, you are apt to get the best deal with John Stein. He works with both buyers and sellers and is well known for specializing in sales for five years now and is duly licensed with Majestic Properties.


It is very important to check out your agent’s reputation. Having a realtor who you can trust will get you a long way and give you your money’s worth in buying that dream home. John Stein’s website keeps you up dated with today’s current information and pricing. So you can be sure that you will not be given yesterday’s price.

Miami Beach Resort and Real Estate

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