Five Basic Needs of Women


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The first basic need of women is Affection. This involves a variety of factors that changes over time. It changes through the seasons of a woman’s life. Security, comfort and approval.

The second is Conversation. God surely has given us the ability to communicate a tad more than He has given men. Although, we have been given this, there are also measures that we should take note of. Women, in general, have much greater need for communication than men do. Studies show that women love to talk about the same things a minimum of three times. They talk at a different level than men do. There are five levels of communication, these are: Cliche, Reporting Facts, Ideas and Opinions, Feelings and Emotions and Complete Trust and Truth. An average man would only go as far as Reporting Facts and that’s about it. Giving their ideas and opinion will be the first level they would take and they do it feeling it is a risk. As for women, to go as far as the fifth level is but very ordinary. The husband should take note that it is his responsibility to create the proper environment for conversation.

Women’s third basic need is Honesty and Openness. It is interesting to note that most wives perceive their husbands as not telling the whole truth. The Bible emphasizes to always speak the truth. Ephesians 4:25 says to put away lying. It is habit forming to lie. It eventually destroys trust and we can track back to the cycle from the times couples are still dating.

The fourth is Financial Support. For obvious reasons, families grow and needs arise.

Women’s fifth basic need is Family Commitment. A lot of women are often frustrated with the lack of commitment their husbands seem to have for the family. The problem with the silence of men began with Adam. Read Genesis 3:16

 The conclusion to the study of the difference of men and women’s basic needs are:

1. A basic problem is that husbands and wives attempt to meet their spouses need by meeting one of their needs.

2. By learning to understand your spouse as a totally different person than you, you can become an expert at meeting all your spouse’s needs, that is, if you want to.

3. You must be prepared to meet needs you may not have or understand.

Five Basic Needs of Women

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