Dare to Dig Deeper Series: Fantasy World


 Author: Sara June Davis & Lindy Beam

 I got ahold of a copy of this booklet several years ago and it has proven to be a keeper with its now tattered state, it tells how it has been used and abused even as I employ this every so often in the discipleships that I do with my girls.

What I love most about it is not just the clear statements on its principles, but the reasons behind the principles that every girl or woman would definitely relate to. When a reason is put behind every principle, I guess it becomes easier to grasp. With the things that were shared in this booklet, purity is within arms length and ceases to just be make believe, or only for the holies.

It discusses why purity is so important and this “purity” doesn’t just apply to being a virgin before your wedding night, it’s more than just the physical.

Even as the authors started off with getting the reader to imagine a pristine lake free of murky muddle. It ends with a challenge to keep that lake pure by living beyond the mediocrity level in a practical but realistic way of living.

I strongly feel for this even as I am now a parent myself. Hubby and I are determined to raise Jed aright.

“Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure…” Heb. 13:4. The whole package of learning from this book basically surrounds this theme. It identifies the several pollutants of the mind that presently exists in our society.

This review is is yet undone and I do hope to share more of the teachings of this material as time permits. For now, I leave with you this question …


What’s Your Thought Life Got To Do With It?

Sexual purity is much more than just abstinence until marriage. It’s a mindset based on God’s standards and His plans for you as a woman. Learn how to combat the media’s distortions about romance, sex, and the so-called lack of consequences and choose life and health instead!


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Dare to Dig Deeper Series: Fantasy World
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