Fascinating Womanhood: A Book Review


Genre: Parenting & Families
Author: Helen B. Andelin

I have read this book nearly 30 times! And have practically given away a few copies when I was able.

Fascinating Womanhood encourages practical applications and are very effective! Through times and generations, it has never ceased to present and prove the validity of where it is based from, the Bible! The countless lives it has changed will be the proof of the impact of the teachings shared by Andelin. Timeless indeed!

Many women have started to enjoy the feast on the table rather than settling and being content on feeding on the crumbs that fall underneath it! I figured I could come up with all the superlatives, but will never come close to detailing all the wonderful things this book offers.

It may be a constant struggle for many women, including myself. But whenever we come to apply the principles, the results are just amazing and it just makes our efforts all so worth it. Which reminds me to go back to applying the very principles as I used to. 🙂

If there would be just ONE must read for all the women of the world, excluding the Bible, of course, this will be IT! In so doing, you will understand why I had to read it those many number of times. It’s something I always go back to whenever I fail in one part of my being a wife, or just being a regular woman in general.

My friends would attest to my being an advocate of Andelin’s teachings! I got most of them to get a copy and they are all so into it, professing testimonies upon testimonies of lives being changed, some even hopeless and failing marriage going back to honeymoon stage ever after! It’s possible! It’s not really a matter of getting to maneuver your man anyway you want (that would be a plus, though! **snickers**) But being just downright fascinating with the ways that you will acquire through years of practice and passion. And by being that, it would be effortless to enjoy your being a queen/princess/baby to your man! (whatever it is you would want to be).

I think it is on Eldredge’s book, A Sacred Romance (now that’s another review), where I came to realize the very fact that there is an innate need for women to be chased and loved like there’s no tomorrow (that’s my version :>) Which brings us to the saying that “Men give love for sex, and women give sex for love). We have very distinct differences with men, which makes us just that — different. And it’s either we just live life as it is, live it according to the bandwagon of our generation or choose to figure out and understand the dynamics of being a woman as God has created us to be! The principles taught here surpass the diverse cultures of the world, to say the least.

Do I just love this book! It’s almost always out of stock, I swear! May God bless you and enrich your life, single or married. It’s immaterial. Fact is, you will just be the woman that God has in mind when He formed you, to begin with. The clause: Apply the principles!

Fascinating Womanhood: A Book Review

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