Basing Your Marriage on God’s Truth


This is a follow up entry to “Romance in Marriage”


Why do we need to base our marriage on God’s truth if we truly want our own marriages to work? Allow me to first identify the many truths the world attempts to provide whether via magazines or philosophers of great stature. What is truth? Is there really an absolute truth? Definitions of words these days are given new meanings.

Let’s study one word for instance: TOLERANCE

Webster: to put up with someone or something we don’t like or agree with.

Bible: to love the sinner, but hate the sin.

New definition: All values, all beliefs, all lifestyles and all claims to truth are equal.


So getting down to “truth”, with it’s old definition as discovered. Today’s new definition would have it created. It is so convenient, isn’t it? To create your own truth. To believe in it so much and have your life run around it. But who are we fooling then? We will never get around towards the goal, attempts to it will all be futile if we don’t base our marriages in absolute truth, which can all be found in our life’s manual, the Bible. Because of these new definitions popping up by the second, our world faces dangerous times.


What really is Biblical truth? First, we ultimately have to believe that everything written in the Bible is true. Wrong answers are: believing in the Bible just because and believing in the Bible because I have faith. Here’s the right answer: The Bible is true because God inspired it and reflects the personal nature of God that we are to imitate. And if we believe that what the Bible says is true, we will obey it. Or else buying into today’s world, left to live by your own defined values system, that’s something else. We are but imperfect people, concocting our own system may get us some place, but after sometime we will come to know the mistake. By then it might be too late.


Living under God’s principles does not just apply in marriage, it applies in every area of our lives, in general. It’s a picture of you under the protection of God’s umbrella, when you attempt to step out of it, you risk your life to danger and storm of unknown strength. This is how important it is to base your marriage in God’s truth.

Basing Your Marriage on God’s Truth
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